My Top 10 Guitarists Lists

Lists of guitarists are everywhere and everyone has a top 10 guitarist list or a top 100 guitarists from big magazine polls and music critics. We go along with the guitarist list order and choices, respecting other people's opinions but it's all subjective really.No one is at the top or bottom of my lists and no one list is better - its not a competition!

These are my lists of guitarists in groups of 10 . They are, in my opinion musicians who are my favourite top 10 guitarists. Soloists that send me, and guitarists who I like to listen to. I can't even separate the lists by splitting electric guitarists from acoustic - because although my preference is usually for acoustic, those guitarists I like also play electric even if sometimes it's only with a pickup. Some electric guitar solos are orgasmic, and some leave me cold as boredom.

These are just the best guitarists that I know, based on what I like. Incomplete and highly biased. But there are so many guitarists both new and old that I have never yet listened to, especially classical guitarists. If you want more comprehensive lists - well, as I said, there's plenty to choose from. Just Google top 10 guitarists.