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Fiston – Instrumental Guitar – Frédéric Mesnier

Download Sheet Music, Tab & MP3: ———————————————- Composer: Roque Carbajo Performance: Frédéric Mesnier Guitar: Maurice Dupont Concert 1995 (France) ———————————————- On Facebook: On Twitter: ———————————————- Roque Carbajo is a French guitarist and composer living in Québec. All along his rich career Roque has accumulated an impressive musical background: playing Mexican folklore with his father on tours across Europe and Middle East, singing and recording albums, composing music for movies, writing songs for famous French artists in the Paris of the 70’s, touring in Canada with the group Viento del Sur and finally teaching guitar at the Conservatoire de Musique de la Montérégie (Québec) Born in south of France, from a Catalan mother and a Mexican father, Roque’s music is logically a unique and magical blend of styles, including jazz and french variety but with a strong south-american base. Today Roque doesn’t play live anymore but still composes actively. His works for guitar are widely published (Production d’Oz,…

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Download Sheet Music, Tab & MP3: ———————————————- Composer: Frédéric Mesnier Performer: Frédéric Mesnier Guitar: Maurice Dupont Concert 1995 (France) ———————————————- On Facebook: On Twitter: ———————————————- The title of this tango does not refer to Halloween Tango Festival in Boston. What I had in mind when writting this song is a bit strange: after death, some young and and beautiful people, lovers during their short life, meet once a year somewhere in the darkness and dance this tango. Two minutes to be again together. Two minutes of burning passion before nothingness. Short but intense. Like life actually. Not very funny ? I know… Thank you for watching Frédéric

Download Sheet Music: Download MP3: ———————————————- Composer: Michel Dalle Ave Performance: Frédéric Mesnier Guitar: Maurice Dupont Concert 1995 (France) ———————————————- On Facebook: On Twitter: ———————————————- Michel Dalle Ave is a French guitarist and composer. With a solid classical base, Michel browses between various styles. His repertoire, populated with south american guitar songs and folk tunes with gaelic flavors, is very often dedicated to beloved relatives and friends. Michel Dalle Ave lives near Bordeaux since 1981 where he teaches guitar in associations and municipal music schools. He is also responsible for Andernos-les-Bains guitar school and since 2006 a guitar teacher at Cestas cultural office. Finally Michel Dalle Ave is also well-known on the web, being the webmaster of several acoustic guitar websites, which all together attract thousands of visitors evey month. Michel Dalle Ave is published at les productions d’OZ, a music publisher specialized in classical guitar. Visit Michel’s website: On this video I play…

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Essential Chord Changing Trick

View chord charts at The Essential Chord Changing Trick is a free guitar lesson by Peter Vogl that will help make your chord changes sound more fluid. Using a chord progression of G, Dsus4F#, Em7, and Dsus4, we will learn about pivot fingers. In each of these chords, you can leave your ring and pinky finger fretted on the third fret of the first and second string. This allows the strings to ring during the chord change and makes the progression sound more attached. Peter will also teach you a strum pattern to go along with this progression.

Open Chord Suspensions

The next step after learning your first major and minor chords.

Blues Scale Guitar Videos

In this set of 5 guitar video tutorials, instructor Rob Schumann shows you how to get beyond the basic blues by practising new forms of the blues scale that enable you to span the fretboard. These blues scales enable aspiring blues guitarists to develop new licks and become proficient at improvising.

Bending Electric Guitar Strings – 1

Learn how to combine string bending with a right hand tapping technique for new soloing possibilities. Steve Riack demos an electric guitar technique called bend and tap in this guitar video.

DADGAD Guitar Tuning 2

Learn DADGAD chord fingerings in the key of D minor altered with open string drones. Includes tablature for a challenging picking exercise.

Bending Strings and Tap Technique 2

Adding tapped harmonics to string bending lead phrase.

Restringing an Acoustic Guitar

It’s not exciting…but it’s something every guitarist needs to learn.

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