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Click here for Ebook n More Dwight Yoakam – Fast as You – Easy Country Music On Guitar – w Bob Ryan – Fender Stratocaster marty schwartz guitarjamz guitar jamz easy beginner guitar lessons

Free Ebook when you sign here Bruno Mars – It Will Rain – How to Play on Acoustic Guitar – Easy Beginner Acoustic Songs lessons


La route des Pingouins – Roque Carbajo

Download Sheet Music, Tab & MP3: ———————————————- Composer: Roque Carbajo Performer: Frédéric Mesnier Guitar: JM Foulleul – Grand Concert 2003 (France) ———————————————- On Facebook: On Twitter: ———————————————- Here is a short and very simple piece for beginners composed by Roque Carbajo for his students. If you just start with the guitar, this song is made for you. Enjoy! Checkout Roque Carbajo’s website: Thank you for watching Frédéric

December Song – Easy Guitar – Frederic Mesnier

Download Sheet Music and MP3: ———————————————- Composer: Frédéric Mesnier Performer: Frédéric Mesnier Guitar: Maurice Dupont Concert 1995 (France) ———————————————- On Facebook: On Twitter: ———————————————- Over the past months I have been trying to upload guitar pieces easier to play. Doing that, I wanted my music to reach more people. Considering the amount of scores downloaded from my websites I have to say that it was a good decision 🙂 So I am happy to continue with this new work. December Song is an intermediate level ballad in G Maj. Nothing difficult at all. This easiness shall give you the possibility to focus on the interpretation. Do not hesitate to change the tempo and play rubato as you feel ! Hope you will enjoy. Happy Christmas to you all. Frédéric

Essential Chord Changing Trick

View chord charts at The Essential Chord Changing Trick is a free guitar lesson by Peter Vogl that will help make your chord changes sound more fluid. Using a chord progression of G, Dsus4F#, Em7, and Dsus4, we will learn about pivot fingers. In each of these chords, you can leave your ring and pinky finger fretted on the third fret of the first and second string. This allows the strings to ring during the chord change and makes the progression sound more attached. Peter will also teach you a strum pattern to go along with this progression.

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