So far as self study courses go to learn to play the guitar - this is the self study guitar guide that gets our recommendation. Especially so, for anyone who isn't a teenager... (that is comfortable with membership websites and has the spare time to sit at a computer downloading stuff from the internet).

The Learn and Master DVD Self Study Courses for guitar, piano, drums, painting, photography and even dancing are especially perfect for people who live in remote areas and find it hard to find a teacher, whose access to the internet may be slow, or for those people who are even just a little self conscious or shy.

No one is looking over your shoulder while you stumble through those first learning steps. You can take each step at your own pace and practice and repeat them for as often as you need to, in the comfort of your home, for as long as it takes to feel confident about a technique. There's no added expense later, its all included, its all top quality and its all fully guaranteed.

Learn & Master Guitar

is a physical product on dvd or cd that is delivered to you by post so you need a dvd player (or computer or game machine that plays dvds) to watch the tutorials. They are not a digital download (which is time consuming to transfer if your internet connection is not fast) but there will be some downloads available inside the Learn & Master membership website, so you can get started right away, without waiting for the postman.

Learn & Master Guitar has 20 long DVDs and 5 CDs that you can play, when you are in the mood, as many times as you want to, for as often as you want to... There are also Lesson books and you can access the online student support membership website to look for more information or to seek and get help.

If you have tried before and failed, if you've always wanted to learn, if you have children you'd like to encourage to learn these skills - and you cannot find or afford to pay a teacher on a regular basis... You owe it to yourself to go and read the full details and many heart warming testimonials that are available on the official website. Click the order now tab below - and see an offer to get $100 off the going price.

CLICK HERE to visit the Learn & Master Guitar website.

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