Heavy Metal Guitar Guide

OK - when I was a teenager I admit I did like Black Sabbath and Deep Purple and even Hawkwind - but they were kinda like Queen and Supertramp then and we didn't really think of them as Heavy or Metal.  Maybe you are even saying ,,, WHO?????

Deep Purple in 2004.

Deep Purple in 2004 via Wikipedia

Thats OK, because I have no desire to listen to current heavy metal anymore - let alone try and play it on a guitar. I'm more into acoustic folk or classical styles of guitar playing or really really old stuff like Nat King Cole!

But since you clicked on this page I guess maybe YOU DO want some help on playing heavy metal guitar and might like a heavy metal guitar guide to get some tips from...

So with no recommendation whatever - because I have no idea whether these guides are any good or not (and am certainly not going to spend my money to find out just to write a review ), the following two heavy metal guitar guides are available to help you people learn to play heavy metal guitar.

Heavy Metal Guitar Guide 1

This heavy metal guitar guide has a well written sales page, with testimonials, and appears to have videos as well as a book, but they have not really understood the importance of the right visual image for heavy metal fans. Overall, apart from looking a bit cheesy,  this appears to be the better product...

Heavy Metal Guitar Guide 2

This heavy metal guitar guide has the image down pat so far as graphics go but only appears to be offering a single book. The sales page is very sparse so who knows what's in it - but full marks for great graphics...

They are both guaranteed so ...

If YOU decide to buy either of these and they are either really good or really bad, please be community minded and bookmark this page so you can leave a review in comments below for other people looking for a heavy metal guitar guide.

You could also leave a comment if you know of any great free resources for metal fans as well - because honestly - It's all whatever to me!



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