Blues Jam Session Review

First of all, Blues Jam Session has a musically passionate and experienced owner and Peter Morales had lovingly created  the "Ultimate" Learn the Blues Guitar Package. Blues Jam Session consists of 60 blues backing tracks in every style with video lessons and improvisation guides.

If you've looked you'll  have heard plenty of midi-sounding free jam tracks on other sites which sound downright lousy and other websites do not include video lessons or tips and instructions about scales and blues chords.  You'll know what I mean if you’ve wasted your time downloading them before.

Well fortunately Blues Jam Session is of a much higher quality including...

* Suitable for electric or acoustic guitar and wind instruments

* Has step by step instructions encouraging you to improvise

* Includes over 60 blues backing tracks in different tempo & styles.

* With detailed interesting video lessons, guides, chords and scale sheets that you'll refer back to and use again and again to practice with .

"Down-Hearted Blues" Bessie Smith

Bessie Smith "Down-Hearted Blues" via Wikipedia

Never  play the same old blues song over and over again!

It's amazing how much blues music uses similar chords and chord progressions but varies so much from song to song with different run downs and picking.

When you’re just a beginner who is not proficient in improvisation, you might feel afraid that you don't have enough talent to learn, but this is simply not true. Don't get the blues! If you let these blues guitar tutorials  guide you, with regular practice you will very quickly learn to add a bit of blues song to any tune - and honestly - that's all that improvisation is.

Peter Morales instructions are clear, straightforward and very easy to follow. Even a beginner blues guitarist familiar with a tune is able to master new improvisations and techniques each session by following the videos and practising regularly.

Furthermore, the blues jam tracks cover several genres and styles, with different tempos and length. They are for all musicians, not just guitarists. Even if you play wind instruments, this blues jam package would be suitable for you...

Here’s the one negative issue of the Blues Jam Session Review.

Downloading videos and tracks from the members area seems to take forever! These are large downloads and certain videos take even longer as they are of high quality. If you have a slow connection consider opting for the 2 CD physical edition in the members area to get posted out and save yourself a day sitting at the computer transferring.

Is Blues Jam Session worth investing your time and money on?

Well we haven’t seen another blues package at such a low price. And the variety and quality of the blues videos are the best that we’ve seen. Also for every style of blues they have prepared tracks at a different tempo. To see if it's right for you, take a look at the variety of  blues backing tracks on their website.

Visit the official site, click here Blues Jam Sessions

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