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Harmonics on Electric Guitar

Harmonics on Electric Guitar Using the right hand bounce. You need to be very patient to watch this guitar video to the end but he does show you harmonics on an electric guitar even if he’s a bit inarticulate!

Beginner Finger Picking Exercises 1-9

Guitar lesson in finger picking for guitar by Mauro Guilliani. This exercise uses chords C major and G7.

Practice Finger Picking Exercises 11-19

Continues Beginner Classical Guitar Lessons – Videos 11-19 Finger Picking Exercises For The Right Hand By Mauro Guilliani

Guitar Picking Techniques Glossary

Guitar Picking Techniques Glossary: You will encounter many new names for guitar techniques such as alternate picking, hammer-on and pull-off and it helps to have a reference to what they all mean. This is a small glossary of terms used in guitar notation and referred to in tutorials for various different picking techniques for the guitar.

Circle of Fifths – 12 Major Scales

I watch this video often, saying the names of the notes along with the video ( with lots of clicks on the pause button ) to try and fix the note names in my highly erratic memory. This Guitar video explains the circle of fifths, shows you the twelve major scales, explains what a tetra chord is and will help you answer “what key is it in?” I found this really helpful to start to unravel the mysterious tangle of keys, note names and where the notes are on the fretboard and chord names and how they relate to notes.

Dobro Guitar Slide Technique

Not a lot of talking in this video but plenty of technique if you look and listen! I always loved listening to Ry Cooder and slide guitar. I’ve never seen a real Dobro guitar but it looks cool eh? Something to experiment with one day if you get tired of picking and strumming.

Learn Some Basic Guitar Chords

How chords are named, how to relate notes to chords and play them on different frets and explains the triad for major and minor chords on the guitar. 2 videos.

How to Read Guitar Tab

This Video Explains How to Read Guitar Tab. If you’ve been putting off learning how to read guitar tab, watch this guitar video and see how simple it really is!

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