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Open Chord Suspensions

The next step after learning your first major and minor chords.

Blues Scale Guitar Videos

In this set of 5 guitar video tutorials, instructor Rob Schumann shows you how to get beyond the basic blues by practising new forms of the blues scale that enable you to span the fretboard. These blues scales enable aspiring blues guitarists to develop new licks and become proficient at improvising.

Fingerstyle Guitar Practice Videos

These 5 videos with practice guitar exercises comprise a daily warm-up that will help the intermediate-level guitarist develop a consistent fingerstyle technique for guitar.

Bending Electric Guitar Strings – 1

Learn how to combine string bending with a right hand tapping technique for new soloing possibilities. Steve Riack demos an electric guitar technique called bend and tap in this guitar video.

DADGAD Guitar Tuning 2

Learn DADGAD chord fingerings in the key of D minor altered with open string drones. Includes tablature for a challenging picking exercise.

Bending Strings and Tap Technique 2

Adding tapped harmonics to string bending lead phrase.

20 Minute Guitar Lesson – Dan Lefler # 8

20 Minute Guitar Lesson – Dan Lefler # 8 This is another guitar video tutorial on the circle of fifths with a great intro that explains how much doing this kind of exercise helps you to learn a lot of elements of guitar playing. BTW these are not 20 minutes long, just in the series of videos he called 20 Min Guitar Lesson. Guitar Lesson – Dan Lefler’s 20 Minute Music Method Weekly Class # 8 Part 2 Guitar Lesson – Dan Lefler’s 20 Minute Music Method Weekly Class # 8 -Guitar- Presented by Dan Lefler. To print the notes and / or sheet music for this video and many others go to

Guitar Lesson: Southern Rock Lick

Southern Rock Lick is a free online video guitar lesson by Jody Worrell that will teach you how to play lick in the key of D. The use of doublestops and syncopation in this lick really give it the feel of a Lynyrd Skynyrd riff.

Easy R&B Bass Line

Good tutorial for an electric bass guitar with an easy rhythm and blues bass line from guitar tutor Russ Rodgers. Russ will start by teach you how to play the line note for note. After you’ve got the fingering and technique down, we’ll practice the line along with a rhythm track.

Guitar Tips: Increasing Left Hand Speed

Guitar Tips: Increasing Left Hand Speed Apparently the trick is being relaxed, economy of motion and plenty of slow speed practice if you want to develop speed using your left hand. Peter Vogl gives you some tips on increasing your left hand speed while playing guitar. View more from our “Ask a Teacher” series at

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