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Guitar Effects Chorus Pedal

What’s an electric guitar for if you can’t use a guitar effects pedal now and then, Part of learning to play – if you are learning electric – is how to plug it all in and what equipment you can add to start making different sounds with. Guitar effects pedals vary a great deal – with some doing many things and some doing just the basics. Then there’s pre amps, amps and mixers. Its not something I do, so there isn’t much of this on this site but the links below lead to a free guitar video site with info on electric guitar effects pedals and amps, and a merchandise site where you can check a few customer reviews and see what pedals look like. If you have recommendations, comment below and tell us what effects pedal you use and why…. Wampler: Nirvana Chorus Pedal Review A review and demonstration of the Wampler Nirvana Chorus Pedal by Guy Fenocchi. We’ll…

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Bending Electric Guitar Strings – 1

Learn how to combine string bending with a right hand tapping technique for new soloing possibilities. Steve Riack demos an electric guitar technique called bend and tap in this guitar video.

Bending Strings and Tap Technique 2

Adding tapped harmonics to string bending lead phrase.

Harmonics on Electric Guitar

Harmonics on Electric Guitar Using the right hand bounce. You need to be very patient to watch this guitar video to the end but he does show you harmonics on an electric guitar even if he’s a bit inarticulate!

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