As I write this, I have only just started this site. My name is Julie Francis. I started to learn to play the guitar as a teenager . My family has a great love of music and we all enjoy listening to different types. I learned songs and enjoyed playing them on guitar and singing them with friends.

My brother Ian Francis also played guitar and turned out to be a genuinely talented guitarist, singer and song writer. Whereas I stopped playing guitar when I started work, (except occasionally) - he made a career of it and has spent most of his life entertaining as a singer and guitarist and writing the most beautiful songs.

Last year when I was watching my youngest son play soccer I started talking with another soccer mum about guitar. We discovered that we had both learned basic guitar songs as teenagers, so we decided to meet weekly and play guitar together. Neither of us has any ambition to perform, it is just so nice to play together though.

We started printing out lyrics and guitar chords from sites like Chordie for songs that we both enjoyed. We taught each other songs we knew. We have so much fun doing this.

Now I find whenever I need to relax, I pick up the guitar and practice something. I really like playing with my friend (who is also called Julie!) and we usually strum songs and sing together. When alone, I practice fingerstyle guitar or picking out melodies for songs. Two different experiences but both very rewarding. I'm also lucky enough to be able to pick my brother's brain if I get stuck on a song and he helps me maybe find a different key or an easier chord.

I wanted to have a place to find new guitar videos and reference some really good guitar videos I found on you tube. I also wanted to make it easy to find my links to good guitar sites. I make websites for a living and so this is how this site came about. Just so you know, some links to resources, like books and online guitar tutorial sites, are affiliate links, and I may be compensated if you buy something from these sites. This helps me out financially, but it isn't the main reason for this site.

There are so many fabulous free guitar lessons out there onΒ  video. The problem with you tube is keeping track of the videos you like. Maybe these won't be what you are looking for but I often come back here and watch videos a second or third time and try and learn more, so perhaps you will too.

I also use software to auto post articles and videos so I can get random picks. Sometimes these are awesome and sometimes they really bad. I can't always keep up with what gets posted, so if "not so good" videos appear and then later disappear, this is why.

I dont have time to write often, as I'm busy doing it for other people, but those articles I do write, are filed under Julie's articles. The other articles are written by other people.

Thanks for visiting my guitar guide website and I hope you find something you like here.


19th December 2010