The sheet music is available on the Web.
Composer: Marcel Dadi
Guitar Arrangement: Frédéric Mesnier
Performance: Frédéric Mesnier
Guitar: Maurice Dupont Concert 1995 (France)
Background: Moebius
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On 2011, August 20 Marcel Dadi would have just been 60. And during the passed 15 years he would have composed lots a marvellous songs for the guitar. The destiny decided something different. Marcel was on the TWA flight that exploded off the coast of Long Island, on 1996, July 17. He was returning from the US to France after being honored at Nashville's Country Music Hall of Fame, by his friend and mentor Chet Atkins. Me, like thousands of guitarists around the world, don't forget him and will never. He is now part of the legend, whit Chet and Jerry. To celebrate him I play here one of his very first tunes, Oh Dadi Blue, recorded in his second album Dadi's Folk around 1973. It's not exactly the version played by Marcel as I have added one part and some breaks. I was 13 or 14 when I started to learn this piece. I tried and stopped quickly... It was definitely too much for me. But since, the time (and some work) helped me. As background I use the album cover, drawing by Moebius, a famous french cartoonist.

Thank you for watching.

Frédéric Mesnier

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