Adele's "Someone Like You" How to Play On Guitar

I first heard "Never mind I'll find someone like you" because my nephew  "shared" Adele's video on Facebook.  I "liked" it on Facebook, so my brother sent me the song as an mp3. When my son heard me playing it on the computer, he bought me the CD for Christmas. So now I am a BIG Adele fan, not just of this one song, but of many of her songs.

Someone like you is played on a piano in Adele's version, but it's really quite easy to play on guitar. Good luck with singing it of course! Just close your eyes and try not to cry...

G  Em  C   D   are all the chords you need to know and the how is in the video above, which is really good and gives you a simple picking way of playing or ways to strum it. Great video and beautiful song.

How to Play Adele's Someone Like You On Guitar

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