Circle of Fifths

If you start learning songs from lyrics with written chords, you may have become confused when you encounter a chord with the same fingering referred to by different names. When you want to know why, watch this video.

Circle of fifths
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Circle of Fifths will make it possible to play do re me fa so la ti do up and down the fretboard like a pro!

It shows you the twelve major scales and also explains what a tetra chord is and a little about keys.

When you start playing with experienced musicians you will constantly be asked what key is it in?

This guitar video may not make it possible to answer what key a song is in, but it will help you get closer to it.

I watch this video often, saying the names of the notes along with the video ( with lots of clicks on the pause button) to try and fix the note names in my highly erratic memory. I found this really helpful to start to unravel the mysterious tangle of keys, note names and where the notes are on the fretboard and chord names and how they relate to notes.

At the end of the video you can click on previous and later videos from this series.

Learning this foundation of music theory will get you started on mastering the guitar fretboard and understanding other musical concepts.

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