Christmas - Through the Eyes of A Child

Christmas Song by Ian Francis

It's Christmas again, a time we love to hate for all the work it makes, but when viewed through the eyes of our children, we feel our hearts burst with happiness and gratitude.

My brother Ian Francis, is the musician in our family. I am just an amateur and beginner guitar player who enjoys playing guitar for relaxation. Ian wrote this Christmas song last year and I created the video for it with some christmas family snapshots. I really hope you enjoy  the "Christmas through the eyes of a child", and the video and it shows how wonderful Christmas can feel. It's all worth it, when you see children's faces light up like this!

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas, with turkey and pudding, and presents and family, and hope that you can share the joy and excitement with some children this year, because really, being with family and friends is what Christmas is all about.

Merry Christmas!

If you want to hear more of Ian's music you can visit his website at Ian Francis Songs or see more Ian Francis Songs on You Tube. And if you really like the video, please help Ian get more views by rating the video well on you tube or bookmarking any of the sites to Facebook or any of the other social networks. You can use the Share button below. Thanks!

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