I really liked this article it made so much sense. Of course when you are trembling with fear or fumbling about trying to fix things, it's not easy to relax or ignore the stress, but if you let your mind dwell in the fear place you'll never manage it. Start by pretending you're having fun and soon enough the tremble subsides and you will be.

Playing Guitar Live

You're in a band. All of you are really motivated and rehearse a lot. At some point you're finally ready to do your first show, so you book a gig. At the long awaited night you jump on the stage, but the show turns out to be a total nightmare.

Your guitar sounds really weird, plus your bandmates don't play even close to how they did on rehearsals. Not only that, but some piece of equipment breaks up and you don't know what to do, so you end up spending 15 minutes on stage desperately trying to fix it, while the whole crowd is laughing at you. You finally manage to fix that stuff, so you play your next song, but then you forget your guitar solo and you find yourself in the next awful situation.

You don't want this to happen, do you? However, fully or partially, this will almost always be the scenario of your first show, unless you learn:

1) How to shape your guitar sound shaping your guitar sound live is much different than shaping your guitar sound at the rehearsal room. Don't think that your amp settings will work the same everywhere. Different rooms have different frequency response, so you will almost always have to tweak the EQ knobs of your amp and effects.

You will often have to lower your Gain as well, due to the increased volume levels when playing live. Take enough time to do this during the soundcheck, but be prepared for more tweaks during the actual show, because as the venue starts filling up, the frequency response will start changing as well.

2) How to deal with broken equipment always have spare guitar cables of different length and a set of guitar strings around. Guitar cables get stepped on all the time and at some point they just cant take the abuse anymore.

And if your amp stops working for some reason, you can solve the situation in about 5 minutes, by having a long cable inserted directly into the mixing console. However, keep in mind that in this case your sound will change drastically, so be prepared to tweak your effects and the mixing console itself.

3) How to overcome your stage fear Stage fear is the main reason why both you and your bandmates wont sound like you did on rehearsals. Fearing will simply block your hands from moving and your brain from remembering whats next in the song structure. You may forget solos, endings, guitar riffs, then worry even more that you forgot them

Well, dont! Both you and your bandmates have to understand that stage fear is useless. Just jump on that stage and have some fun.

Interact with your bandmates, move around, enjoy what you're doing. Nobody will care if you mess up a note or two. If you forget something big just laugh, don't panic, and don't be afraid of the crowd they are here to support you!

You are now ready to do your first show!

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