Learn Some Basic Guitar Chords

We all start off with some basic guitar chords, the major chords of A, C, D, E, F, & G are the most common. B takes a bit longer as it is a bar or barre chord. Along with these basic guitar chords we generally also learn some common minor chords especially  Am, Dm, & Em.

These two videos talk about the triad and how chords are named and why, and how you can relate notes to guitar chords. This may not be easy to take in at first, but if you have a chord book and can look at the basic guitar chord variations, it will soon make sense.

This learn guitar video explains

Basic guitar chord naming - the triad for major and minor chords

The more notes and chords you can remember on the guitar, the easier it will be to start to play the songs you really want to play, from lyric and chord notations or from guitar tabs. It gets really frustrating having to look up guitar chords all the time.

So when you start to learn basic guitar chords, say the names of the chords to yourself as you play, to fix them in your memory. Next time you come across a familiar guitar chord, you can just play it, not stop and look it up. The more you do this, the better you will get.

The next video shows you how you can work out how to play these same major and minor chords in different fret positions.

This learn guitar video explains

Basic guitar chords up and down the fretboard

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