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Chordie is a search engine that lists popular songs with lyrics and guitar chords and tabs. Chordie is free to use and be a member of, and you can create your own songbooks of favourite songs. You can see my Chordie songbooks in the right sidebar.

Become A Chordie Member - It's Free

If you sign up for an account and become a member at Chordie - click on the blue link for one of my songbooks in the right sidebar and go to the Chordie website - you can import one of my songbooks and use it as a base to start creating your own. You can then delete those songs you don't want and start adding more of your own favourite songs. This is a great way to get started on your own songbook quickly.

Chordie is the most wonderful website. If I had this song resource when I was a teenager and first started to learn guitar, I don't think I would ever have given up playing guitar. I think it's awesome that this free resource is available for people to learn new songs with guitar chords.

Spend a little time there adding some songs to a songbook. Print a few songs to start practising on now. When you want to learn a new song, go searching for more or print a few more songs from your songbook.

As you grow more familiar with Chordie, you'll realize you can transpose the guitar chords into another key if you need to. You'll discover other guitar tab sites. You can edit the songs in your Chordie songbooks and improve their guitar chords or tab notations. You can stay private, doing this just for yourself or help others by making your edited songbooks public.

Copying and Printing Songs on Chordie

Who knows how long the internet will continue to have free resources like Chordie. Already some of the links to songs are not available in some countries due to copyright issues. So if you have some special songs you always want access to, print them off or copy them to your computer. For example, I can no longer access the many Beatles songs on Chordie, but luckily before this happened I copied my favourites into a text document and then pasted them into a Word document.

Doing this can be time consuming as copying misaligns where the guitar chords go over the words of the lyric, so printing is better - and when you print, you also get the chord pictures to remind you how to play a guitar chord if it's new to you. However some songs on Chordie are not well formatted and copying them and editing can make it possible to make a long song fit on two pages instead of four, which is useful when you want to make a hardcopy songbook.

I have about five of those folders with plastic sleeves now, filled with my favourite songs. This keeps me interested in playing guitar. I play a song over and over to fix the chord progressions in my memory, but then maybe I won't play for a while and I'll forget. So I can refer back to the printed versions from Chordie and run through the song again to refresh my memory.

There is always a new song there to learn when I get bored with playing the songs I know. The chords vary in difficulty but most are pretty easy and it's great to have the lyrics there as well, although sometimes you might need to search for lyrics elsewhere, especially on some of the tab versions of songs on Chordie.

Remember though that these guitar tabs and chords are the work of the guitarists who took the time to upload them to the web so you can use them. They are for personal use only and subject to copyright. So don't republish them on the web unless you have permission, just link to them and recommend them.

Share Links and Recommend Chordie

Oh and if you like my songbooks and think they are worth recommending, please rate them if you become a member at Chordie. The higher the songbook rating is, the easier it is for new people to find them when they start going through public songbooks.

Bookmarking is a great way to share things too. The share button on this site is an example, when you hover over it you can use it to easily share a link with Facebook or MySpace etc, so you can recommend things to your friends. I really think Chordie is worth recommending to anyone who plays guitar - beginner or pro.

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